Sunday, 1 July 2012

by tantchen

cat with parking lot, tante rita's place, buchet, lam, june 2012
i spend here quite a bit of time. when i was younger, really young. with mys sister and my cousin. when we were not at my home.

it is the house of my tante, my aunti, my father's sister.

plants at woodhouse, tante rita's place, buchet, lam, june 2012
my aunti is called rita, like my mother. this was really weared for me. earlier, two rita's but not bounded by blood. can that be?

she is a great lady. one of the once i admire for what they are. grown up in my granny's those day butcher, farmer, restaurant business she worked all her life. finished school with 14 and started of in her family's business. as a waitress and woman for everything. then she married, had children, kind of paying guesthouses. now she is about 60 and she works for her son in his restaurant. cooks there for daily guests. when she was younger her teacher told her mum, my granny she should become a teacher. my granny said no, because she needed help in the business.

plants at entrance, tante rita's place, buchet, lam, june 2012
my aunti loves to talk, thinks quick and acts. she never can sit still and work is her life. she makes the best dumblings in the world and the mushroom sosse is better than dad's.

she has a big heart, talks rough and helps everybody and anybody. her day is a mixture between making breakfast, cleaning paying guest rooms, looking after the house, visiting and taking her of granny, starting to cook in the kitchen, taking care of her granddaughters, working again, going home, resting, sleeping, getting up in the morning. doing it again.

sometimes she complains, about getting old, too much work, missing the past.

sone with wood, tante rita's place, buchet, lam, june 2012
a theory: in my area a degree says nothing about your intelligence but where you come from. 

glassbottle from top, tante rita's place, buchet, lam, june 2012
her house is big. they had a winter garden. huge with lot of plants. a green house, a little pond. the field next to the house. hid there, collected flowers, rolled over the grass, smelled the summer and skied in the winter.

i loved it there.
hangers, tante rita's place, buchet, lam, june 2012

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