Monday, 2 July 2012

playing in the forest...

costume change, konig drosselbart, roetz, june 2012
i am fascinated. i know i can get very excited but i truely think that is pretty cool. a old castle, lot of people, almost no money and lot of fun and motivation.

roetz and their kastl schwarzenburg is pretty much like that.  every year they ave here two theatre plays. one for kids, one for adults.  outisde. using the ruins of the castle.

this year king drosselbart, an old fairytale. and "der gutenberg" as every year. since 16 years.

actress, konig drosselbart, roetz, june 2012
special thereby. almost everything is kind of free. acters, mask, technic guys. admin, woman for everything, costumes.  they are coming for at least 2 weeks. sometimes 6, sometimes 5 month, depending what you do. but you come. for your weekends, for the evenings, for the acts. and no interest, no time does not work. if you say yes.

pretty cool considering the fact that roughly 30 acters are playing along side. some in a few different roles. but that's also just one theatre group. there is another one. in this village.

mask, konig drosselbart, roetz, june 2012
overall in the region cham you have at least 10 plays over the summer. almost in each village one. apparently the most free range theater density in germany. for such a kind of play, said one acter.

i did not know this.not sure how many actually know this.

way home, konig drosselbart, roetz, june 2012

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