Monday, 23 January 2012


taraji masjid, purana paltan, 12th jan. 2012

yesterday they were fighting. supposingly the bangladesh jamaate- e- islami- as far i can rememeber. after being in the mosque they were demonstrating, in front of it. and a quiet demonstration turned out to be a fight against the police. that was yesterday, on a thursday.

today, on this friday, nothing happened.  but instead of it a lot of photojournalists and television guys were standing around, on the bridge, under it, in front of the mosque. waiting, drinking tea, looking around, having a chat, and waiting.  in between the police, which was probably the most exciting part of the day. standing there in hundreds and passing the mosque in big cars while inside the mosque area the people quietly praying. people were checked who enter the mosque area, again coming outside. the photojournalist are still waiting, not moving.

the last deep voices from the megaphones sounded over the area, people started to leave the mosque, quietly, not even trying to make a shout. thousands of them, too many, in all directions. in long white dresses, the fancy one for fancy days, days like today.

i am standing with the other guys around. not running to another spot, talking to people and finding ut why there is not demonstration or no fighting. damn i hate to be a foreigner, a woman and than on top one of them who can speak o word bangla and is above a chicken.

taraji masjid, purana paltan, 12th jan. 2012

just a thought. now nothing happens and i am wondering does anybody talk about that? why are the photograohers and television people not taking pictures, making a story about that?- the nothing happens story. or why do u not move around, go somewhere else.

news are news are highlight. nothing happens is not a highlight.

after thought:

the bangladesh jamaate- e- islami is a party which is against the independence of bangladesh or the foundation of bangladesh. a strong islamic orientated party who is in opposition to bnp the political leading party of bangladesh.

the demonstration apparently did not happen because of biswa jitema

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