Monday, 23 January 2012


Biswa Jitema, 15th jan 2012, tungi, outside dhaka

we are waiting on the roof for a while now. came when it was still dark, guess around half 5. till then waiting that it would become light in order to get our picture. cause we wanted to have the best spot.
so we ended here, were already last night on a high skyscraper who was just build. a bit further down the road. this one even better. so we decided, so we were waiting.

biswa jitema is a islamic religious festival and the biggest one after the hajj in mecca, apparently. 5 million people come from around 80 million countries to pray to mohammed. so it says. not sure how they know it cause who the hell is actually counting and asking the people. same as the rickshaws guys.

guy, Biswa Jitema, 15th jan 2012, tungi, outside dhaka

with the sun people came up, on the roof top. joint us or better our view. with me was saikat, another drik guy, who helps me like a big brother. this time with biswa jitema.
last night when we walked through the crowed of people. it was dark and a bit scary, far too many people and many men. we were trying to find a spot to look at the people from above. went first on a watchtower, then on a abandoned building. i was wearing a long black veil. felt unsure and insecure.

this morning all was fine. with the daylight my security came back. standng next to the guys, taking pictures, moving around. did not matter anymore what i am, at least felt it.

funny that i felt it. interesting...

Biswa Jitema, 15th jan 2012, tungi, outside dhaka

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