Monday, 23 January 2012

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cricket game, dhanmondi lake,17th jan 2012, dhanmondi, dhaka
cricket is like football. i mean the idea of it. play it somewhere with some people, friends, random. just use a pair of chairs, a ball and a stick. simple. everybody can play it. even so the lake is scary close to the playground.

one of the lazy afternoons for dhakas middle class who are wandering around the park next to the dhanmondi lake. they are eating icecream, chatting, drinking tea and watching people cricket playing.

in between kids selling sweets, food, drinks, running around. some are begging. the sun is shining. the cricket ball is hitting the chair. one point i think for them. still don't get the cricket rules. people are watching, no shouting. the guy with the candy floss turns his head around, curious. he is smiling.

shooting game, dhanmondi lake,17th jan 2012, dhanmondi, dhaka
to be in love in dhaka is a bit of a difficult thing. to talk to the other gender, yes, to hold hands, well, to kiss- no way. even if you are married. not in public. that is the rule.

in bangaldesh arranged marriages are still common. but depending on the social class. middle and upper class are changing their idea. starting now to meet up before they are marrying, getting to know each other. and then the family arranges the marriages. a bit of cheating.

the park is a place were young people mixed genders are meeting.  one of the places were they are kind of allowed to do things they are not allowed to do in public. even if they are not married.

couple, dhanmondi lake,17th jan 2012, dhanmondi, dhaka

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