Tuesday, 24 January 2012


adnan, drik, dhanmondi, dhaka, 23rd jan 2012
adnan is one of the photographers. a news photographer who has a great sense of framing pictures. his pictures are black and white, hard contrast, no grey areas. framing snapshot like but sense for characters and building up a great tension and involves me emotionally. totally. 

pictures about dhaka, about tarvelling, about density of people, about pressue, about anxiety context ? i do not care. i feel, i breath.

"do you know tillmann." me
he is looking at me, surprised, rising up his eyebrows, showing his white teeth. his eyes are sparkling.
"do you know i just thought just a moment ago about tillmann. this is crazy" in his bangaldesh accent, very hard, rolling r. he is shaking his head, turning around to the screen, till shaking.

working in the studio, drik, dhanmondi, dhaka, 23rd jan 2012
usually we do not work in the studio. usually more the opposite. we can, but we choose not, just when we have. i think. but that's my opinion. sumon has to, adnam chose to or i made adnam choose to.

adnam and sumon are really good friend. sumon says. sumon also says they have a very bad humor. very mean, he means.

i like the humor. like in general the humor of this place, my photo department. it can be tough,  a lot of play with words. a lot of nonsense. but also seriousness. if it is neccessary. more earnest, if you can call it like that. nice combination.

sumon, drik, dhanmondi, dhaka, 23rd jan 2012

sumon is also a photographer, also for drik news, but sometimes studio. he is also funny, but yes indeed. but even more opinionated, perfect person to endless discuss things. very strong opinionated, speaks with his heands, with his whole body.

he wants to express himself within photography, show how real bangaldesh is. shoots perfect composed pictures, but tries to be now like bruce gilden. i think so, he says. but he is talking about things, about bangaldesh, about dhaka, about its problems, issues. not just for the sake of the image.

and he loves i phone. and its apps. not sue more the app or the i phone. downloaded within the first week 60 apps, something like that. as far i can remember. he can solve any problems you have and actually doesn't even get tired of it.

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