Wednesday, 18 January 2012

on my way...

view from the plane, munich to istanbul, 9th Jan 2012

i am not very good in doing this blog. so excuss me for spelling, typing mistakes or even boring writing... but need to say this cause otherewice i never start writing on this blog,  because i am to contious about not meeting the probably not even existing expectations and now after one week i need to start writing otherwice it gets ridiculous, unbelievable and even even more boring. anyway a blog is a blog is a blog and does not mean anything- does it? anyway, oh and  sorry to write in english, but due to the difference in friends, the world knowledge and my bad german i get stuck to this language. 

anyway what am i doing. I am writing a blog, i am flying and i am going to bangladesh. that's  why i am doing a blog. 

anyway what is bangladesh actually?
famous for its cheap garnment industry, exploiting workers, maybe its beautiful countryside and more for its climate change and if so nothing than for its poorness. guess this is what people think. i thought. maybe actually less. i just knew drik, the photoagency. that's why i am going to Dhaka.

TAV Istanbul Ataturk Airport, Istanbul, 9th Jan 2012

i need to wear a scarf. the stewardess said this to me before I got on the plane. or better i asked after seeing the two other woman who were in the waiting area with me. we were the only women, except the stewardess, we three. they were wearing a scarf or better veil, me not. so guess now i have one and even so i know it is nothing major and exciting and nervous wrecking i suddenly understand how those woman must feel when they are forced to take their veil off. not that they have to but the pure idea. i feel weared, not sure how to wear it and even the yout tube videos how to wear a veil don't help me. it just feels weared and i am sure i am standing out without or with one.

Ryiadh International airport, Ryiadh, 9th Jan. 2012

late at night, landing in ryiadh, transferring from one plane to the other, but 7 hours in between them. i am fine with that, cause i like airports, like looking around and explore. airports also have this weared idea of a free zone. you are not anymore in the air, youdo not really belong to the country,  something in between. feels quite secure. people from all parts of the world, coincidently, not knowing anything about each other, piecefully, doesn't happen that often.

ryiadh airport is a gateway between the west and the east, they say. access to mecca. thats important. 5 million people living in the city, biggest in  south araia, also important.

I am here trying to find a way out, out from one exit, not throught the airport exit, but transfer, as  usually, if you fly longer. but the transfer way just ends into another whole which leads into the next gate for another plane. that's wrong. wondering around, finally meet two guys from turkey, they are on the way to phillipines. my mind is turning. i am smilling. they do not know each other, but now. i follow them, get out through a side entrance into the waiting area. not sure if i am allowed, but they two guys are happy. so me.

i am still wearing the veil.

Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka, 10th Jan. 2012

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