Thursday, 19 January 2012

walking there....

way to work, 12th jan. 2012, 12th road, Dhandmondie, Dhaka
not sure how many, for how long, when they started, when they finished, how many briks they need and if all the workers sleep in the little house next to it. but what i know, they are building, a lot. every day when i come out of my house at least 10 workers are there. in the evening more, also woman. they are working by hand, carrying cement in big bowls on there head from one place to the other, probably for the whole day. it is not hot, but hot. children are in between, helping, some young guys. maybe too young?

am i getting annoyed? i don't know. every time i am passing this place i am asking my own guiltiness again. what is better? respecting their need to earn money or trying to change them with telling them about the social and political unrespectfull treatment of there position, telling them how much better we have it in germany and encouraging them to revolt and quit there work for there own proudness?

i am sure i have my point, but maybe not here. jelousy and unhappiness for no sake is not the best starting point.

anyway it is about respect. for example the rickshadriver. i am not going by rickshaw, out of principle. the city is too small, i am used to walking, i can look, take images, don't get soaked up by the incredible hectic traffic plus also leadership of the rickshaw driver. there is no need for driving rickshaws, but am i part of destroying their system?

the same with my maid. she comes to me and cleans the apartment which is not even dirty because i am so embarassed of leaving my apartment dirty for her so i clean every morning before she arrives. do i need her? would she get angree because i do not allow her to work for me out of ideological reasons?

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