Sunday, 22 January 2012

on a way...

on a rickshaw, on the way to take pictures, 12th jan 2012, somewhere in dhaka

there about 600 000 rikshaws in dhaka, but actually nobody knows. cause how? counting would not really work. or would you stand at the side of the street? the dhaka officials at least don't do it. 

a rickshaw driver is owning for lets say a good half an hours drive 30 taka, maybe more. depending were you go and how far. not the length of time matters, the miles. i think.
earlier times they used to buy their own rickshaws, nowadays most of them rent it. for the day. at least this is what sadia told me. but she just know what the rickshaw guys say to her when she gets on teh rickshaw and has a little chat.

sadia is working with me, just a sideapsect. she is from engaldn, but actually bangladesh. lived in england because of her bording school, then went back to find her roots, in dhaka. now she works for drik.

she is nice, funny, and beautiful, as all the bangaldeshi girls. but sorry i do not wana generalize. just see too many amazing looking girls. not that she is good looking cause she is bangladeshi, case she is she, but maybe also.. whatever i don't know.

anyway rickshaw drivers are amazing. cars, little car rickshaws and whatever moves on the street, in between them, going fast, shouting, ringing the bell. in between bargain for the best prize, smoking a cigarette with the others on the side lane, looking for customers.

did i say i would not take any? well if i am alone, but with others yes definitly. cause they take one and to convince a dhaker person to walk. no way. apparently girls not anyway cause they would looked at weardly, guys not cause it is slow. but slower than standing in the traffic jam? considering the fact that dhaka is not just apparently "Rickshaw Capital of the World" but also probably one of the cities with the most amount of traffic jams.

last time i walked, from dhanmondi, my area to the public library for the film festival. 2 miles away, half an hour walk.

a friday on dhakas streets, 12th jan 2012

friday is a holiday in dhaka. everybody goes to the moshe, in the park or whereever you can enjoy your self. friday is my day off. maybe.

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