Monday, 23 January 2012


candle, national museum, dhaka, 19th jan 2012
did i say. you usually do not walk in dhaka. not more than 5 meters at least. or lets say 10:) sorry but they don't. or the people i at least know. maybe this says something about the social class i am in. probably for sure. cause i am living in dhanmondi and that is a nice area. so nice that a person needs to have a more or less good income. the first time for me. usually living in small rooms, eating boring cheap food, first time i am part of the more upper middle class.

anyway i was walking. 50 minutes, from dhanmondi to national museum. maybe 40 if i would not get in trouble finding in the first place the way. but i found it,  after walking along thousand of little shops for porcelan, people waiting for the bus. running over crossroads and not getting killed ended up here, because i was too early for meeting my friends for watching a movie.

and the national museum is part of the film festival, one of the locations.

park, public library, dhaka, 19th jan 2012

the film festival is already for the 12th time. for about one week, or two. for quite a long time. movies from all over the world. documentary, fiction, short film. all kinds. 3 locations.

one is the public library.

it has a park. people sitting outside, enjoying the time before the movie starts.  there are a view tents with information, sellling desk. nothing special, a press department, or better say tent. i ask for some numbers. for the people who are organizing it. they are looking confused. one is getting his mobil out, searching for a name. writing it down.

cinema, film festival, public library, dhaka, 19th jan 2012
the movie we are watching is from iran. ' invitation' it is called. i love iranian movies. they are very metaphorical, beautifully visually made and great stories.

this one, not sure. 5 or 6 stories around woman and pregnancy, different aspects and how they are managing to decide for the child. actually a good idea, considering the fact that this aspect is probably not that well articulated in a country like iran. or at least to change my perception that these topics are not talked about in countries like this one. 
only issue, for whatever reason i get  after the fourth episode the slight feeling that it is a bit of a propaganda for woman not having an abortion in any case. not that abortion is good or bad, but at least having the choice, or at least the representation of choice or two sided would be good. so well, but anyway good so at least i get to know another side of iranian movie making and story thinking.

info desk, film festival, public library, dhaka, 19th jan 2012

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