Monday, 23 January 2012

wandering around 2...

wall 1, dhanmondi, dhaka, 19th jan 2012
i am ok now. feel like people are not anymore constantly looking at me, saying 'hello', 'where are you from' or loughing. feel like i am part of all these people. that is good. in some points.

photographer need curiousity for their work. their eye has to stay fresh. even for a journalist. picking up topics depends how excited you are. i need excitement. otherwice i am bored. and then i do not look anymore.

at the moment i have 1001 topics i would like to talk about. but not about poverty, not about climate change, and please no slum- maybe about slum tourism and the annoyance of some people about ngo work.

the most people know about bangaldesh that, just that. oh and i forgot garnment industry and exploiting people. and it is good that people know it, very good. but not just that.

bangladesh is a country, people living in there. nice people, not nice people. but living, like everywhere. and like everwhere they have fun,  they are interesting, they are boring, they are inspiring, they have problems. but not just.

i think that is important. plus also to tell. cause just fair to the people, to the country and actually to understand the problems they actually have. to widden the idea of a country, of its people, to make it human. but also to learn,  or just to praise the the beauty of life, the extraordinary moments within a day. like gossiping. 

and as gossip implies it is important to tell. if nothing, just for the fun.

wall 2, dhanmondi, dhaka, 19th jan 2012n
elections are coming. they can take from 3 month to 10 years. nobody knows. on what it depends.?on the temporary gouvernment, on the people, on the people who are voting. this is what i heared. what is true- or whatever truth is- there is an unoffical two party system. one is he leader, the other opposition. next to it they have a lot of smaller parties. not in charge, but around.

bangaldesh is a parlimentary representative democractic republic. head is the prime minister. this time a woman. like in india. i am impressed. says something about politics in bangaldesh. or at least the role of woman.

transport, dhanmondi, dhaka, 19th jan 2012

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