Monday, 23 January 2012


wall, abahani playground, dhanmondi, dhaka, 14 th jan 2012

abahani playground is open every day. morning till evening. if i go to work,  around 9 am,  people already going in there. in the evening as well. after it is dark and the lights are switched on. in between there are always a lot of people, sitting around, playing, watching, eating snacks. the usual things. like it. see it very often. is it because there is a lack of television and computer games.

it gets dark here very quick. close to the aquator. very quick. around 6, first bright then grey, then dark. 

guys, abahani playground, dhanmondi, dhaka, 17 th jan 2012
on the playground people play football an cricket. most of the time cricket. but a bit football. actually a lot considering the fact that cricket is the games not just in bangladesh but in south asia.

this field is also place for the football team of the abahani club. It is a famous football club and within its 32 years between 1973 to 2005, the club played a number of times in the finals of the first division camp and premier division football league. 

boy, abahani playground, dhanmondi, dhaka, 14 th jan 2012

cause of the size of one football field there is just one. result is that the less important foodball teams have to play in between the cricket area. 
they love german football, they say. but even more english, and balack. i always hear balack. i am impressed. a bit proud i have to say.

legs and goal, abahani playground, dhanmondi, dhaka, 14 th jan 2012

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