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boy, kite festival, old dhaka, 15th jan 2012

every year old dhaka is standing on the roof. something like that i would probably see in a newspaper. headline. and does it? not sure, but we are standing on the roof with other people, qute a lot of people. music, hindi pop tunes could be heared all over old dhaka. fast, melodic. in between people standing with kits. those just small dots in the sky, almost invisible.

today is the kite festival, in old dhaka. done by the hindi people, in order to celebrate the start of the spring.

boy, kite festival, old dhaka, 15th jan 2012

old dhaka is in fact old. the houses are partly probably ten times older then the nation. they are small and high, filled up with a lot of families who live here for ages. old dhaka is also the hindi center of dhaka. very important cause just 5 % or the inhabitants are hindi. 85 % are islamic. so this is a special day for them.

the kites are out of thin paper, really thin paper. i got two, better say a friend of saikat bought it for me. 2 of them for 10 taka. anyway it is not about money. was just embarrassing, first of all because of my incredible good language skills i managed to refuse to buy a string ( did not buy a string because of avariciousness, cause mixed up 100 metre with 100 taka) and then also damaged by kites before they even were in the air. great majority i showed.

kite roll, kite festival, old dhaka, 15th jan 2012

one of the ideas within the kite festival is too show off. during the day with kiting in the best possible way. high and moving it quick and fast and maybe also trying to get other kites down.

funny i saw a movie about that. a kite festival in afghanistan. who were the longest in the air would win. a little guy won with his servant friend. both were not the most popular among the others. so that was great. but the following story was a bit of a tragegy.

 kite festival, old dhaka, 15th jan 2012

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