Saturday, 11 February 2012

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Commemorating the sacrifice for justice
The Shia muslims tries to calm down a man who, while mourning, is trying to jump on the Taziyah in the Hossaini Dalan Imambada in Dhaka.

Dhaka 9 to 50
They move on to carry on. But this survival has ugly realities. They are getting degenerated from within, with this 'survival'. Massive migration to cities is universal phenomenon. Dhaka city is not an exceptional case. Space is limited everywhere but no one fights for it. They just fight with selves to let their body fit in the 'space'. Their psyches may wander to get fitted somewhere also! The fitting game goes on. The senses of fear, tear, share, anxiety or hapless happiness generate corrosive hormones of degeneration from within. The inside toll impacts on outside as well and the 'game' of survival and fitting gets graphical!

The Childhood of another Kid
Bashir is kidding during Tarabih, a special prayer during the month of Ramadan.

The Parallel Life
Some 11 years ago, an iron plate fell on Fakir Pramanik from the shoulders of other workers, resulting into amputating of his left foot. After that, he learned how to walk with an artificial leg and now he sell papers to bazaars in different villages riding a bicycle.

Family Personal

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