Saturday, 11 February 2012

my maid..

my maid, my house, dhaka, 6th feb. 2012
finally i get to know her. meet her on the stairways. she is coming down, i am up. she is smiling. pointing upwards. i understand. kommon achi.. how are u? i know that.- balo balo. good good. she is smiling. i am smiling. i am taking the camera out. position her, press the button, show it to her. she smiles, i smile. she takes her things walks further down. i smile.

she is cleaning my place. it is like that. i went through emotional disturbance if i am ok with that or not. yes i am. she is earning her money.

i am wondering, hoe much is she earning? more than others, because the people are paying her know about social inequality?
would i pay her more?

giving her more, leaving her. one arguement a lot of people is, don't change the surrounding, people cannot deal with that and you leave anyway and you leave unsatisfaction behind.

another argument. till a certain amount for money money is important, for food, for life. than over it it does not matter anymore.

how can you decide that somebody knows how to cope with money? can i manage my money. a definite no. do should i earn than the less amount of money possible?

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