Wednesday, 22 February 2012

mother language day....

guys,  national motherlanguage day, dhaka, 21st feb. 2012
national mother language day. already when i arrived in dhaka people were asking me what i was doing on the 21st. would i be around. yes i would.

it is a really special day. on this day a bit more than a few years ago than now bangladeshies ( or than east pakistanies) were fighting for their motherlanguage bengali or bangla, how everybody says here.

they fought and won. and that's important.

flowers, mother language day, dhaka, 21st feb. 2012
more flowers, mother language day, dhaka, 21st feb. 2012
and i understand. tradition, cultural context, history, patriotism and pride. i understand.

i am joining them, walk down to the memorial place. with a lot of other people, mostly nicely dressed, in sharie's, the women. the men as well, kidn of. all of them have paiting over their face. a kind of hat, green and red. a lot of stands with food, little toys and water on the way. 

there was a long line. people were queing, waiting. it was hot. with flowers, flyers, banners. people asked me again. do i know which day it was today. i said yes yes i knew.
it is a very special day. i know a lot of other countries have this day, also.

i am not a grumpy foreigner. but i am not used to it. patriotism. not from home. we celebrate special days, like the reunion with east germany. but quietly. and we do not expect everybody to know it.

to hang around in the past, is good and is important, but as much the germans have to move on to suck in their giltyness about their dark episode in german history. other might or shoudl do it as well, cause just getting stuck in your past makes you standing still.

up till now i have seen 3 dokumentary movies from bangaldesh. they all dealt with the liberation war.

rest of flowers, mother language day, dhaka, 21st feb. 2012

and it is ok to be proud. it is ok to celebrate and maybe it is because i am not used to it, but i am sure, without even a glimpse of irony, even after this day people will ask me. then: how did you celebrate your day?

and they did.

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