Wednesday, 22 February 2012

editing with sumon...

table with pictures, drik office, dhanmondi, feb 2012
i hate editing, and love it. it is a still a pure pain for me and so freeing when you succeeded. but till then it is a struggle, cause of too many picture and after the first round of editing you need to be cruel, cause all the pictures are good, but which one is the best one?

sumon is quick, he talks, argues, leave out, in. i guess i am like that with other people, not with me. it makes sense, waht he does. shame though i canot do it.

every edit is good. you just need to know what you do and why.  if not than you ahve to have a lot of luck.

in the office we talk a lot about pictures, composition within and outside the image. i have a very strong opinion. i believe in audience, interaction and involvement. content and information value is a secondary aspect. i don't believe in photography as the only and perfect tool in communicating information. a lot of peole do. i think it is an entrance, maybe one side of it.

if i look at a picture. i just doubt. maybe because i am a photographer. maybe just because i read, saw and experience.

every tool has advantages and disadvantages. photography is visual, and it is flat. you see what you get. achievement lies in your imagination. what do you wanna show, and how can your help you.

i hate talking about truth and not truth in photography. i am not getting into detail. there are too many arguements around that anyway of people who believe and not believe or just wanna talk about something.

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