Saturday, 11 February 2012

on a weekend day

friday is the only day i have off. my weekend. i am still for more than 4 weeks here. nothing. ridiculous. so spending weekends inside sucks. above all the weather is perfect. not too hot, not too cold.

that's bangdaldesh till march, then apparently it will be hot, and wet.

usually i just walk. actually i always walk, cause otherwice you do not see, smell, feel. the aim today old dhaka. the oldest place in dhaka.

dhanmondi, dhaka, 10th feb 2011

6th road, dhanmondi, dhaka, 10th feb. 2012

6th road, dhanmondi, dhaka, 10th feb. 2012

shop with ricksha,  dhanmondi, 10th feb. 2012

old dhaka is old, smelly, tiny streets, full of people, waste, ricksha, shops, more people, more food, and more smell.

i love it, being in there you are soaked up , immediatly, with all your senses. if not and you are somewhere else you are lost, or you dip your feed into the little canals full of pee. happens. so better get your mind frame sorted.

on our way we left sumon at his shooting place. it was a hostel for boys. just for boys, who are interested in art. in the front there houses is a volleyball court, and on it his things for the shoot. steps, covered with news paper, that's the idea: a guy walking over it.

sumon is helping his ex teamleader with a photojob. adnan and me coming along. just to drop him off.

motherlanguageday statue, azimpur road, dhaka, 10th feb. 2012

old dhaka, 11th feb. 2012

dhaka, 10th feb 2012

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