Saturday, 11 February 2012

cooking with yan

tomatos, home, dhanmondi, dhaka, feb 2012
we are cooking. or lets better say yan is cooking. cause i cannot cook. i say. even so my parents are chefs. or maybe that's why.

yan is cooking. i am helping. later on her boyfriend is coming. we are chatting. yan is cooking.

yan is from china and works at drik, as an intern/staff. studies at pathsala. has a boyfriend.

relationships in bangladesh are minimized to marriages. just relationship is quite difficult to have. not accepted. she does not wanna get marriad, her boyfriend so as well. she says, her parents don't know him. so marriage is impossible. his parents wants to see them marriad.

they are very religious and they are from the village. they accept the relationship. living together without marriage no. it does not exist in their perspective. having a realtionship without marriages is pushing already the boundries.

he is fine with that. he has relationship, but he understand, and kind of accepts. kind of. but there is yan. and they love each other.

he is talking about her, about them. he is happy.

we are eating some chinese food, tomatos, vegetable, egg mix. i like it. yan is not so hapy. with meat it would be better.

yan, home, dhanmondi, dhaka, feb 2012

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Wahid Adnan said...

i don't agree that you cannot cook! :-P