Sunday, 12 February 2012

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petrol station, mirpur road, dhaka, 30th jan. 2012

cross road, nilkhet road, dhaka, 30th jan. 2012

guy, dhaka university, dhaka, 30th jan. 2012

i needed to go to the department for soil, water and environment. for an interview.

i met the guy, when i was searching for the place. dhaka university area is huge. they told me, asking for the place i should take a rickshaw. i refused. stupid, i thought, taking a rickshaw for a place which is so close by.

i met him, because he started to talk to me, on the road. it is easy for me to stand out. even my tanniest tan is not getting to a bangladeshi color. and people in bangladesh are very interested in foreigner. so he asked me where i wanna go. in english. so perfect and i asked him where the department was.

so he joined me, said he wants to help me. he knew the department and his library, he needed to go to,  was close by. he was studying law. he likes it he said.

in some points he asked me:"do u like hitler"
i heard this question before. i also heard before that hitler is a great leader, a great person.

i did not know what to answer and then i started to talk. talk about how bad he was and what he did and why he is bad. he listened, quietly and suddenly i stopped, asked "what do u think about hitler"

"he is a great leader. he is strong. he did good things for the nation. he took care of the nation and did everything for him."

bangladesh, apparently as people tell me, have a problem with strong leaders. they do not have one. but they love their country, would defend it for everything. that's a stereotype, i know. but a lot say that.

also history is selective. how much and what you learn in school depends on the country and its history maker.

i talk to him, confront him with question if he knew what he did. and yes he knows. but he, hitler, did also god things.

i try to convince him. the only  i actually decided to say my opinion, even so i knew it was predetermined by my past.

bookfair, nilkhet road, dhaka, 30th jan. 2012

bookshop, cross road, nilkhet road, dhaka, 30th jan. 2012

delivery rickshaw, mirpur road, dhaka, 30th jan. 2012

mirpur road, dhaka, 30th jan. 2012

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