Wednesday, 22 February 2012

after valentine...

red balloon, dhaka, 18th feb 2012
the valentine's day is over. already a few days back. everything is back to normal.

i never expected that. everywhere else but not in bangladesh. did not even think about the fact that it would exist here. cause no open relationships without marriage, very little emotionality and having a matchmaker as a common tool for initiating relationships. but why do i think that?

love can exist i so many ways. and develop. so you can have the one and the other. i think.

who says that arranged maariage in the first place are not love. we? i am?
so my love i have is the one.

that's like eating chicken and believing in the universal importance of eating chicken. oh and i forgot with knife and fork... well theer would be a great majority of people voting against it. and that since ages.

red women, park, dhaka, 18th feb 2012
the valentine's day got introduced  a couple of years ago. it was, apparently a famous journalist or tv guy... i forgot. but somebody from the media. for sure. and famous.

after he introduced it it became to a incredible success in bangladesh, or better say dhaka.

one of the australian students, who were studying in pathsala was just standing in front of mina bazar, the little supermarket where i am doing my shopping. i was in a rush. just came from a shooting, just wanted to get some water and some vegetables. i think.  i said quickly hello,not prepared to meet in a foreign city a person i know. does not happen that often and to me- never.

also she is a photographer, journalist, film maker. i knew her from before. 3 times i met her. first time in a workshop. she was really nice, open, friendly, second time in fornt of drik. needed somebody to go with her to the kitefestival and was just in a moment of shock with dhaka. at least hse said this. she has enough. from being alone on the street. something like taht she said.

thrid time at the kitefestival, after iw rote her, and di not get any message back. saw her ruhsing on teh rooftops. hello, i am sorry and off.

i hate networking. makes me sick. sorry but being nice on a personal level to get anywere on a business level makes me sick.

but that's a different case. but in the case of valentines day it is important. cause did not wanna talk with her. cause i do not like pretentious nice networking. never was so not now.

anyway so i just passed her, rush and could just get a glimpse. she was wearing a red sari.. wow.

" wow you look reda today" was the nly thing i could say.
and off to go shopping.

women in dhaka on valentine's day are dressed in red saries, red balloons all over the place, special events and gifts. and flowers of course.

red ribbon, dhaka, 18th feb 2012
and actually it makes sense. wedding is one of the biggest days for people in bangladesh. they spend a huge amount of money, there is a limited time frame when to marry and above all you just do it, in some points...

so of course you celebrate the love. you should do, at least.

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