Wednesday, 22 February 2012


chairs on place, old dhaka, 19th feb. 2012
we are on a mission. adnan and me. to the riverside, in old dhaka.

it is warm, but not too much, and rarely and perfect happening in teh winter, there is overcast. perfect weather for taking portrait photos.

wagon, old dhaka, 19th feb. 2012
the riverside is famous for a lot. markets, business, oldness, crazy amount of people. but also recycling. i think.

recycling in bangladesh is big. not because of the environment, maybe, but moreover because of the economy and because you can still use it.

and it is not a new thing. depending on when which item was used there were always new ways of reproduction. a very bangladeshi business model.

guys at paper recycling place, old dhaka, 19th feb. 2012
more guys at paper recycling place, old dhaka, 19th feb. 2012
i am a bit jealous, and then admiration. not pittiness. more the same admiration i have for bus driver, subway driver, clothes sellers. jobs which i never could do, because of whatever reasons. bus and subway driver demands attention and patience, clothes seller even more and standing ability and recycling guy.

Recycling guy, just simple because he is sorting out stuff most in combination with flies, moscitos, dirt. that's it. i am sorry. that's why admiration. and respect. a lot.

wagon with glitter paper, old dhaka, 19th feb. 2012
adnan got tired. i was tired and thirsty. we were taking for the whole morning pictures. he did the interviews. too many. time to finish.

adnan: i am so annoyed
me: why
adnan: they always asked for money. and the guy at the end , who did not belong to the interview said something as well. and i could not keep my temper.

and i understand. i understand. in new york people always wanted to see a detailed listing of why i wanted to do it for what, whom, purpose. would i earn money. they were used to contracts, but not keen on pictures, above all if it took a lot of time. sometimes they asked me for money. not sure how often.

but here it is different. white people come, journalists, photographers, come, to the riverside. see, take picture, feel, think, not sure what. do not wanna know. leave.  leave money there? that's adnan suggestion.

adnan knows a case. of photographers, norwegians, somewhere else, giving the people which they photographed lot of money. the next one came and there was no money, so no pictures.

but even more. people put themselves in a dependence situation. preferring earning more money without doing something and starving in  the mean time while waiting instead of earning regular money.

adnan is tired. i understand.

but then  is it not everywhere we have to fight. isn't it part of our job. because people before that mess it up. such in new york, where people see themselves in big sized prints ins scary poses in exhibition halls or high profile papers.

and they were not even asked.

bricks of aluminium, old dhaka, 19th feb. 2012

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Wahid Adnan said...

whoaa! i almost burnt my fingers by touching the aluminium bars on the truck there. they just arrived from the melting factory to shops. they were still hot on that time.