Wednesday, 22 February 2012

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landscape, gulshan, dhaka, feb. 2012
it took us a while. or adnan, to convince, that we would be the right one, for being allowed in this house. the guys at the door said first no, as usual, as adnan said, because it was easier ( guess that is probably everywhere the case) then to the boss, who said yes. adanan talked for a long time, and usually, at the end he just says. yes it is ok, we can go.

sometimes the conversation seem realy harsh, negative and angree, most of the time actually. what i can hear, and then at the end they are fine. all of the parties. and i just stand there.

i am getting more and more relaxed about this. most of the time not actually careing anymore, caus ethere was nothing i could do. either way. so i need to trust.

so thanks to adnan we ended up on this half builded building in gulshan, looking at the on of the slums in dhaka.

house, gulshan, dhaka, feb. 2012

1. Durable housing of a permanent nature that protects against extreme climate conditions.
2. Sufficient living space, which means not more than three people sharing the same room.
3. Easy access to safe water in sufficient amounts at an affordable price.
4. Access to adequate sanitation in the form of a private or public toilet shared by a reasonable number of
5. Security of tenure that prevents forced evictions.

other side landscape, gulshan, dhaka, feb. 2012

“Mohamed breaks his back by being a rickshaw driver.. Even so Mohamed earn just around 8000 Rupee, which are around 150 Euros. This is just enough for getting his family some food and paying the rent for a house made out of plastic canvas and corrugated iron… in one of the numerous slums.” (ndr info- das forum. Sendung “Dynamisch im Chaos. Indien auf den Weg zur Wirtschaftsmacht)

“Slumdogs can become millionnaire in the movies, but in real world the scenario is totally different. Indeed, they lead a very miserable life and suffer thousands of problems in their everyday life. “ (

watercanister, gulshan, dhaka, feb. 2012

Communities which are far away from your living style are always stereotyped, reduced to certain significant aspects. In case of the slums, a community which divers in its standard of living, the slums stand for poverty, unbearable living and the end of everything.  The perception is based on Definitions, Journalism and representatives, such as Habitut. Thereby people use their own standard of living as measurement. That is money, economical system and living circumstances. Based on their standard of desirable way of living.

Aspects such as emotional belonging, security, and social interaction are not considered within the measurement. Routinely life, economical circulation, independent living and autonomic system not included. Thereby bearing in mind people’s perspective, self awareness, individuality and responsibility is too far away.

Reason is a building up a stereotype, which is not just generalizing and patronizing, but also degrading and a disrespectful interaction of a community.

clothes, gulshan, dhaka, feb. 2012

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