Saturday, 11 February 2012


moni, Drikstudio, dhaka, Jan 2012
i need passport pictures. now. and moni is here. perfect.

moni is one guy in the drik studio/news team. he is actually taking care of the equipment, not a photographer. do i care? for the picture? for myself. no.

moni is amazing in languages. at the beginning he tried to help me learning bangla. he was so patient. i was not. i hate learning languages. i always forget the words. and my attention span is nearly zero with words i cannot get pictures in my head. i am excellent in remembering places, where they are, what i did there. i can remember stories, lot of stories, in detail for weeks. but i cannot remember the numbers in bangla. i tried to learn it for a week. now i give up.

moni did as well, but moni can still remember wie gehts dir? and mir geht es gut?

sometimes i am asking myself how mean education is. and i love education. but just sometimes it upgrades, degrades people for the wrong reasons. just because you have a paper. and why do you have a paper. well in bangladesh if you are born in the right family.

it is everywhere like that, but in bangladesh extrem. either you are illiteral or not. if you are you work as a rickshaw driver, on building work, in the garnment industry or on the farm. i like this professions, it is not about that. it is about money. i am sorry but it is about money. a usual income of a woman in the garnment industry is 3000 thaka a month, somebody in the office gets at least 20000 if not more.

getting to far here, but i am not total against garnemnt industry. woman have a job now, they are empowered, they are independent. they can leave their husband if they need to. cause they have a job.

i don't know how much money moni is earning. i do not wanna know. i just would wish and hope he can learn more languages and hopefully get his intelligence challenged.

camera, Drikstudio, dhaka, Jan 2012

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