Saturday, 11 February 2012

money, money, money

office chair, drik, dhaka, 31st jan 2012
my lap top broke. just one day, on an evening , after cooking for my workmates and then them leaving my place.

i cried one time, for two minutes, later, when they told me that my computer has the most unique problem this series of lap tops have. i got it and it cannot be replaced.

so after feeling self pitty and decision making, feeling guilty and waiting for two many days i got my lap top. a new mac. i am in heaven. i can watch movies again. and i can work. but i can watch movies before going to sleep.

in order to pay for the lap top i need cash. 1 euro is roughly 100 thaka. out of the cash machine i can get per day 35 000 thaka max. in 500 or 1000 notes. at least.

yan, my chinese friend, told me that she is always walking around with so many notes. because in china people don't trust the bank. so when she went to university form home she had to take all her money for the next 6 month in her wallet.

guess now i am more relaxed about all those notes, or at least i should be.

office chair, drik, dhaka, 31st jan 2012

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