Wednesday, 22 February 2012

playing around...

yan's stillife, studio, drik, dhaka, feb 2012
yan is a documentary photographer, for pathsala. for drik news she is a news photographer and in the mean time she is doing still life, for pathsala, one class. that is not usual.

there is a fashion. aspects which are cool. good to do. appreciated. as in every subject. in photography it is art and documentary. food very uncool, fashion so lalala and advertisment just if it pops into the above stated subjects.

i wanted to become food photographer when i started photography. i had no clue about photography but that was what i liked. now i am doing documentary. am i in the curse of fashion?

i like documentary, i am curious. i think that is the most important thing, i am curious, opinionated and share my thoughts. and i like beautiful pictures.

when i asked my young creatives from dhaka why they like what they doing and what most they cannot answer it. it seems like every part is treasure and curse at the same time.

last year i did not understand anymore what photography mean for me. or better i knew that but i doubted the reason i am doing all this. people did not believe in me, so did i.

i hate this about photography. people make it so about you. but it is not. it is just a craft you have to master. with me. i could give it up easily, but it needs to be replaced. because of curiousity, opinion and communication.

yan loves documentary photography, she takes very distant shots, landscape like. in her school, pathsala peopel always say'go closer' or they don't understand her. and she likes still life photography.

does it matter? both?

yan, studio, drik, dhaka, feb 2012

equipment, studio, drik, dhaka, feb 2012

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