Saturday, 11 February 2012

adnan and the mechanics...

adnan loves his bike. it is his girlfriend. at least he said so. one time his old bike, which he just renewed by himself, got suddenly stolen in front of his place. i don't know if he cried but i think his heart did.

now his new bike is ok. it just needs a few fixing, like the wheel, lights etc. nothing special. but it needs so and he cannot do it. but the guys can do it, his mechanics.

anyway he loves to go to this place. loves the smell of oil, mixed with burned plastic. talking with the guys about his bike, other bikes. hanging around

the did not fix the bike when we came. they did not even start it before he came, even so said so. they wanted to wait for him. to fix it together.

sometimes, he says, he has to shout at the them. actually every time at the end of a 'repair session'. not because he is mad, just how it is.

adnan got it a few days later. still needed to get some things done.

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Wahid Adnan said...

love to see these photos here. i was in this place today also to get my motorbike. almost everyday, i go to this workshop no matter my bike needs any repairing or not. i love the smell of mixture of engine oil, gasoline etc; love the noisy growling of old engines.

and, liton, the young mechanic who is working in this place for last eight years, fixes any problem in my bike. he was 12 years old when he came here to learn bike repairing.

he sometimes asks me join him in lunch or dinner what i really like most. foods are nothing special but i feel honoured when he asks me to come to join him.

and, now i am his student; learning repairing engines. :-D