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in the city

parliament, dhaka, 30th jan 2012

parliament, dhaka, 30th jan 2012

parliament, dhaka, 30th jan 2012
i am on my way for an interview. i chose, of course, to walk, cause i walk, i have two legs. etc. i said this already. earlier times.

so way is dhanmondi to brac university. takes about 1, 5 hours, 5 km. that's ok.

guys reading paper, dhaka, 30th jan 2012
bangladesh has a ridiculous amount of newspapers. far too many, but obviously needed and bought.
and it is good, in a country which is claimed for its corruption within their media industry.

one time i asked a journalist: do u think the media are here corrupt?
journalist: no i don't think so. i never faced corruption.

a few weeks later 2 journalists, who are investigating criminal cases within their work got stabbed in their home. their child in the little room next by survived. gossip says it is because of money.

journalist, the same one: you know if you wanna earn good money and become rich you have to become a journalist

me: why?
journalist just smiles.

museum, dhaka, 30th jan 2012

roundabout, dhaka, 30th jan 2012
roofs, dhaka, 30th jan 2012
dhaka has slums. yes we know. bangladesh is one of the poorest country in the world. yes we know.

i was walking to my meeting. on the bridge, looking at the train tracks i can see them. living in between the tracks, next to them, having business there. chatting away, bidding for a good prize, cooking lunch, living.

there was a photographer. i think he worked for national geographic, i think. something important. i can remember the image, of a guy, with his family, in the middle of the train tracks, spending time there. i think he did not have any legs. the image is in black and white, dramatic contrast. that is what i can remember.

i take images, and while i take images i get annoyed. about me. about this photographer and about photography.

what i am doing is slum tourism. i am here because i saw images, because photography tells me too, and because i wanna proof myself.

anyway i do not proof myself by standing on top of the bridge looking down. first of all. then second. what do i have to porof myself off. that i am hard? a photographer who can deal with difficult subjects. who says that they are difficult? who says anyway what is difficult?

and why do i care?

in photography there is the fashion around certain subjects, scary, trategy, lower class, poverty, so called unnormal life circumstances. and everything under the secure umbrella of support and help.

really? helping with a scary images of them, creating a bubble of pittyness around them.

would i like to be pittied at?

one time i explained adnan. imagine somebody would come to dhaka, lets say me. i am doing a story on you. see your clothes, your room, your life. it is different. i have more clothes, more rooms, a proper shower. then i write a story: 'the poor bangaldeshi photography' think would be good story. that's why i wrote it. you see it and then you think either i am poor i need more money, get unsatisfied with yourself and aspire more or you just get angre, in the best case, cause you never saw your self like that, loose your pride and honor.

traintracks with train, dhaka, 30th jan. 2012
cityscape of traintracks, dhaka, 30th jan. 2012
election paper, busstop, dhaka, 30th jan. 2012
it is election time in dhaka. as far as i know 2 parties, against each other and there members. even so the goal, being in charge, is in my eyes not the most aspiring goal, for the it is. it must be.

cause according to a lot of people's knowledge around me they fight against each other. the main goal, the victory. i guess.

busstop, dhaka, 30th jan. 2012
view from brac university, dhaka, 30th jan. 2012
lake view, dhaka, 30th jan. 2012
behind of me is the brac university, one of the most important in dhaka. i was there, talking to
Ainun Nishat, specialist for climate issue questions.

and it was successful, considering the fact that he talked and i listened and at the end was not sure which information i got and which i need. guess a terrible mistake as a journalist.

on the other sides are the slums. dhaka belongs to the most crowdiest cities in the world. at the moment official number say 13 million are living here, inofficial i don't wanna know. a lot. and 40 percent of dhaka population lives in the slums. on an area which is probably a 10th from whole dhaka. maybe less. i don't know. but very little.

guys painting on the wall advertisment, dhaka, 30th jan 2012
this is the way advertisment is done. an idea, a few words, some guys and paint. oh an a wall. seems a bit like streetart. can be. for them. i am wondering.

building work, dhaka, 30th jan 2012
these guys are crazy. high up, no security and just on bambus sticks. god luck. and that's all for just getting some festival decoration ready. i am looking, taking images. they must think i am crazy. i am smiling.

now i am feeling not disrespectful. they better know they are doing something exciting. interesting. something i cannot do. i smile at the them. they smile back.

building work, dhaka, 30th jan 2012
window cleaner, dhaka, 30th jan 2012

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