Wednesday, 22 February 2012

working from not my home.

m&ms, gulshan, dhaka, feb 2012
it took me about 2 hours to get there. it was a nice day. so could not complain. morning. and needed the walk.

i was with sadia, in sadia's boyfriend place. he lives in gulshan, in an partament, top floor, with huge terrace. whole day sun and amazing view on the lake.

i am jealous. that is even better than mine.

flowers on floor, gulshan, dhaka, feb 2012

chair, gulshan, dhaka, feb 2012

cat, gulshan, dhaka, feb 2012
he adopted the cat. a few weeks ago. it was in the hallway, staircases. and he could not say no.

he is super small, but she is young. very scared. i am ok with that. i would be.

funny story or better say gossip. he is a lovely cat. but he is weeing. on everything. all the time. today on my bag. a bit. sometimes on the bed, floor, where ever. there is no recognizable system recognizable. at least at the moment.

i used to have two cats, kind of. in new york. they were not mine, but my flatmates.  they used to always shit on her bed. our theory was that they had an instable emotional relationship. cause she was never at home and i was new. also i am not the most playful cat lover. more a farmer type cat lover.

but maybe that was the key. maybe he should look at his in and outgoings in his place... 

clothes, gulshan, dhaka, feb 2012
lamp on pumpkin, gulshan, dhaka, feb 2012
he is in the agriculture section. he is working all over banagladesh and develops new crop or agricultural methods for the bangladeshis. that's important. cause they have a problem. and he knows the solution. or somebody else. but they can help. that's perfect. and of course they also bear in mind aspects such as long term development etc.


it is. i am just not sure.

one day, a while ago, i talked with a friend. he is teacher. he told me about new teaching methods, working with the students together, putting them into groups. allowing them to go the way, to develop the idea, understanding. i loved the old school method. you sit in class, the teacher talks, you listen, sometimes you sleep, or try to sleep, sometimes it is much more fun than you thought, because of the teachers entertaining abilities.

more and more i understand the importance of independent thinking, organic development, own experience. etc.  all this stuff.

if you get told, you get lazy. i even get lazy with my technical issues. the guys in the office know more about it. or my bangla. i need to be definitly alone and without anybody close who has some small idea about the english language in order to make me speak bangla.

i know it and i still don't do anything about it. the only good thing. i am sure the person who is helping me feels in the best way annoyed or in the best way good.

feed and art, gulshan, dhaka, feb 2012

we are making an animation, or better say presentation. for drik. a game. an idea for people to invent a game. we both never made something like that. today we start. sadia is drawing. i am criticizing. i am really good in that.

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