Saturday, 11 February 2012


french allianz, dhanmonid, dhaka, feb. 2012
the nights in dhaka come very early. around 6 pm. suddenly, quick, far too quick, at least for me who is used to long dawntimes.

it is because of the aquator. they say and it makes sense. cause very close. so the sun is high during teh day and quick dissappeared.

i am not sure if i like it. get in a sleepy mood when it is dark. and yes england and germany have a lot of darkness as well, but combined with coldness. that does not happen here.

wedding celebration, dhanmonid, dhaka, feb. 2012

the houses are covered in lights, blue, mostly, sometimes yellow, white, never read. they are all over the house and lightening up the street.

today i saw at least 3 of the, in my area, around 3 streets.

it is for the wedding celebration. when a couple gets married. they have it. to show there happiness.

people in bangladesh, as they say, love marriages. it is important, and also make sense, casue before marriage nothing happens between girl and guy, at least officially. so the wedding is one of the most, if not the most important thing in their tradition. and it costs a fortune. for all of them. saikat still pays of his debth for the wedding. and the future ones of his sistser. 

i don't get it. you don't have money, you don't spend that much or you wait with the wedding. quite simple. but it is not that simple, i guess. a woman over 25 should be married, a guy can wait but does he want to. everything else is weared.

so i understand. but i don't understand the lights. why do they not have sweets instead, or a big party, or i don't know. you cannot eat the lights.

night worker, dhanmonid, dhaka, feb. 2012

guy walking, dhanmonid, dhaka, feb. 2012

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