Wednesday, 22 February 2012

little moments.

my house, dhanmondi, dhaka, feb 2012
i love living in my place. it is quiet,w ell as quiet as it can get in dhaka. it is secure, or at least when the guys at the door watching. they do, mostly, but sometimes i sneak through.

the guys at the door are there in shift patterns. at the beginning i thought the two were one, the same. did not get it that they are different person. but i got the idea that they were treating me differently. the one, during the day, with a slightly shorter face, always smiles more, the other one just looks without expression when he sees me looking through the little whole of the big gate to sign them to open the door. sometimes he smiles as well, wehn i say salam alaikum. sometimes but most of the time not.

the first time i recognized the difference was when i gave them leftovers from our sweets. he did not smile. no thank you. but he took it. in the evening i asked the guy how he liked it. he did not know about it. or that was what i understood.

what i read so far they earn 3000 and 5000 thaka, around that per month. the place i am renting in the place they are working is 10000, for one room. they work everyday, 12 hours. i think. at least this is what i see.

i don't know their name, still. still smiling when i leave the place. i really like them.  and i need to say they look very similar
my house, dhanmondi, dhaka, feb 2012

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