Friday, 22 June 2012

a bit of italian flair

pizza; sister;s place, regenbsurg, june 2012
one more.. i promis than i shut up. i think..

pizza and regensburg needs its own place..

regensburg and pizza its a huge thing- as much as football and public viewing i think- again literally.

they are huge, never fit on the plate, drop over and even touch the table. instead of it thin, crusty, very well organised in terms of topping and could be not more italian. at least the ones i had. and at least in comparsion to pizzas from new york or the supermarket.

in regensburg there are a huge amount of italian restaurants. all over regensburg you find little or bigger places focussed on pasta, icecream, all varieties of pizza. in some areas of the old quarter it feels even a bit italian with restaurants collected around a big place, having tables outside and old fashioned middle brown varnished furniture with red white criss cross table clothes inside. minestrone, salat with dressing made by yourself and pizza with cheese under the topping.

its a bit like indian restaurants in england. but italy was not a colony but rather just close by.

in the 60s germany demanded a lot of people to work, cause of war, cause of increasing economy. during that time a lot of people from abroad came to germany, to find work, for a while and than go back. a lot of them stayed on.

lucky one of the countries' people who came were italians.

i am not sure if the owner of the place where we got the pizza from is italian, but i do not care. it was amazing.

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