Wednesday, 20 June 2012

like earlier times

floor, gogolorie, koetzting, june 2012
i am feeling a bit like in a box full of nostalgic moments. every place i am going is full of memories. probably more than present thoughts.

the goggolorie is one of them.

cake, gogolorie, koetzting, june 2012
it is a cafe. in koetzting.

koetzting is a nearby bigger town where i went to get my secondary education.

the gogolorie helped us to pas time, to reflect, to get annoyed and just to hang around. for almost 8 years.

remember moments of girls hanging around on the toilet, talking about everything and nothing ( and literally nothing can i not remember anything from that time), but which seems the most important thing for us and hanging around hours in the cafe, hidding in front of the teachers and the missing classes, or studying.

in class 12 and 13 i spend most of my time there. i had a lot of breaks between my classes. two guys in my school had almost the same schedule. it was great. they were a bit like me. liked to study. sat teher for ages and digged our head into our books.

i always used to drink a cafe late. alwyas one , maybe two. i di not have neough money. ne was already expencive for me. i used to love it.

today i am meeting a friend of mine. from school. we talked about her, about me. felt a bit the same but actually far away from that. and happy about that as well.

parking lot, gogolorie, koetzting, june 2012

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