Friday, 22 June 2012

under protection- ever

wall, regensburg, june 2012
my sister showed me the area. her company was involved in the building process. she is an architect. she loves it.

anyway she wanted to show me the area. it is residential, from the 1920s, for the workers who came to regensburg, to work there.

all the building look the same. one floor buildings, a garden. pritty small, good enough for a small family. good enough for growing some vegetables in the garden. and living and working.

that was in the 20s.

nowadays the buildings are still there. because of heritage. some kind of special way of building. important don't change anything on the house. except from next to the house. and that is important.

also important this area is pritty close to the old quarter of regensburg. so quite expensive to live here.

so what to do?

nothing except from having magical architectural ideas. little square shaped buildings are popping up, sometimes living space, sometimes just a garage. but always they are trying to get the best out of the place. cause u better do, waste of money otherwise.

sometimes the solutions are terrible. sometimes the solutions are good but cheeky.

interior, regensburg, june 2012
architecture is a funny thing. earning there money from building they are constantly interested in something new. even it looks old at the end.

also architecture wanna build something which last, overtaking fashion and changing ideas to become part of the unchangable.

probably thinks about that so much, cause to many places, buildings, and too short to live. but just a funny thought.

parking lot, edeka, regensburg, june 2012

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