Thursday, 7 June 2012

leaving on a jetplane

cairo international airport, cairo, 29th may 2012
cairo more than one year ago. the famous spring revolution. on the tharir square.main time around the april.

reason were a lot. anger about politics, outragegous demonstrations and restriction in personal life.

within that there are much more issue, more than i ever can grasp. was one of the first of a series of revlution in the middle east. Lasted for far comparable short time and was watched by the world.

cairo international airport, cairo, 29th may 2012

during that time i was in new york, at my photo journalism school.  when it happened i watched algazeera, talked in classes, missed some teacher. cause they were there.

weeks later one teacher came back, he was a pj, was there to cover it. american. not that it matters- maybe.

he talked about the importance of covering it, the energy of the tharir square, all those people who believe in democracy.

cairo international airport, cairo, 29th may 2012

the driver and me. he showed me cairo, the local places, the famous places. said it is secure. people are nice.

i asked then for the square, can we go there.

yes he says.

he is driving around, we were passing a square. he says it is a square. i am waiting to stop. he does not stop. no it would be to dangerous- he says. we drive. i wonder. i do not insist.

cairo international airport, cairo, 29th may 2012
the driver is from cairo. he earns his living from tourism, he likes his city. at least he says so. his english is good, his driving as well, sometimes. that is all what i know from him. he loves to talk, but well that is his job. and driving.

that is what i know about him.

tourism is about earning money. is about making tourist feeling happy. after the revolution in cairo the tourism might be affected. just thinking. dangerous places are just visiting places for pjs, journlaists, media, and crazy people. i think. not peole who would like to see mainly just the pyramids, at least.

cairo international airport, cairo, 29th may 2012

cairo international airport, cairo, 29th may 2012
after more than one year i am wondering how far the tourism is going.

egyot air gave us an amazing deal, transfer flight, one overnight stay for free, 3 meals and then kind of planned outings for ok money. look at the aamzing things, forget about the bad things, just stay so long that you do not think and stay long enough tothink enough.

come back. i felt.

magazine store, cairo international airport, cairo, 29th may 2012
i am searching for a good sorted magazine store. Have too much money. cahnged too uch money yesterday and then dd not need anything, cause of above. so have to much money. and airports have a lot oft of good magazine stores. usually.

in cairo there is one, at least i saw one. one cupboard between a clothes and book store.  a few agyptian magazines, a few international magazines. not even a lot of fashion and women magzines. i would expect that- at least. but nothing. instead of it a huge amount of duty free shops.

i understand it gets annoying. the pyramids do not have anything to do with the annoyance of people about the gouvernment. and people need to eat. above all in cairo whch is famous for its huge discrepancy in wealth.

good question: who is for teh revolution? which one not? are those the same who are into tourism?
and moreover do you can make people forget about the revolution with selling les paper and more parfume for far too much money anyways?

flight, cairo international airport, cairo, 29th may 2012

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