Friday, 8 June 2012

fesh samma sho

there is no picture. i thought about it. there is also no text about the happening. i thought about it as well.
first because of second, and second because i do not wanna care.

much better question: what is journalism and when in which context are you allowed to publish what?

a blog is a diray now. that is official. started as a personal diary it became to a blog.

blog is made out of web and log. earlier times as a discussion board and personal expression it became after a slow start in the 90, in the 21st century for a while that thing. to express, to be a journalist, to make money. whatever you want. and everything with begging to get published and an editor who tells you how boring something is. you are your own one.

what a blog not is, journalism, documentation, the idea that it needs to be evakuated, reseachred, referenced. cause it is yours.

modern society loves it. individual opinions without getting told what to think because it is just one idea. honestly. the rest is whatever somewhere else.

so what do you write?

what can you write? in terms of publishing rights?

everything is your thought, names are just names and fiction is thought is documentation without comparing and evaluating. everything is subjective , so nothing is real is taken as an evidence?

wrong in the eyes of the early blogger. being evidence and being used as a guarantee seemed to be one of the prime aims of blogging. i the early days.

not sure if people believe in that. just because he says so. but you never know.

today i took a picture of a girl. the picture is hardly idenifying the person. the friend of her boyfriend told me off. because he is a b promi.  i would be not allowed to publish the image. he would get money for that.

i was listening. opinion is opinion. far enough. so no comment. but can i write about that. showing teh picture without showing the person.

the law says, as far know, no. for the image. and the text?

f.scott. fitzgerald would have an issue. where starts your fiction and ends you real  life. not sure also  if he is the only one who would have the issue.

i see and write and see and wait  cause on top of it we have memory as a factory. his one is gonna be different then mine.

so damn where is reality then and how does the informal laws of blogging cover that?

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