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old town, regensburg, june 2012
regensburg is old.179 after christ founded. that is old. regensburg is also the 4th biggest city in bavaria, with 140 000 inhabitants. and regensburg and its old quarter is one of UNESCO's world heritage.

all this i did not know.

picture, regensburg, june 2012
legs, domplatz, regensburg, june 2012
i know regensburg because it is close to my home town, because we also went there with school, to see the old buildings, to learn more about our heritage and to go shopping and to see friends.

regensburg is pritty cool to hang around. it is big for me, when i was younger, it has a lot of places to go to, walk, go out. it has the biggest amount of pubs for the size of the city, in whole germany. that is waht i know.
dom, domplatz, regensburg, june 2012
a lot of my friends are moving here, because of the university first, than because of living. because it is comfortable, close to home, but being still in a big city.

i always tried to avoid living here, i admit. it is too close and too small for living in a city. basically everything why other people move here.

pictures, dom, regensburg, june 2012
door, dom, regensburg, june 2012
still the city is actually amazing. walking through the little lane you can see a lot of small shops, with unique offers, little cafes, independently run and people on the streets, not too many, not too less. very relaxed. the prizes for rent is high but ok in comparison to other cities. you have a couple of cinemas, mainstream, independent. the offers of jobs are ok and actually with bavaria the lowest unemployment in germany. perfect, isn't it.

zikade, domplatz, regensburg, june 2012
shop, domplatz, regensburg, june 2012
one thing i actually really like is the alternative scene in regensburg. for such a little city you have a lot of different small subcultures, spreading and flowerishing. i think at least what i see, what i experienced.
way with wall, regensburg, june 2012
streetart, regensburg, june 2012
i try to recall moments in regensburg. have so many off them, starting off sitting for hours at the dom and hanging around, drawing pictues of people, enjoying being nobody but still feeling secure, coming with friends and playing for ages with people we met table football in a little run down pub, and than having food in an extrem speed because of our train coming to soon, going to the university, talking with people and writing for a magazine, in between meeting people from home, having nice chats and than running off again, spending time with mys sister and mother eating incredible oversized but more than ever italian like pizza in one of the uncountable original italian pizza places, and  today showing my boyfriend this city.

along the river, regensburg, june 2012
still there is nothing.

a friend of mine from bangaldesh told me one time about her decision to live in bangladesh. she came from australia, had a perfect life, good payed job, visa without expiry date. perfect.

' i think i am not made for this perfect already made cities. i think i need something i can work with, which challenges me. in australia everything is already made. you do not need to establish anything.'

tag, regensburg, june 2012
wall, regensburg, june 2012
- the place i most liked so far?

difficult to say. i like places because of different reasons. working, relaxing, being.

- ok, lets start working?

oh easy: russia, bangladesh, india. not that many places i have been so far.

- relaxing?

england for friends, new york or maybe new york partly working...

- being?


shoppost, regensburg, june 2012
offlicence, regensburg, june 2012
i like german food, ice cream, the newspapers. i love the supermarkets, the little shops. everything is organised, reliable, word for word, boundries everywhere. coffee places, apfelsaftschorle, cinemas, libraries, just the streets, traffic, peoples attitute. guess because i know it. and that's home.

for working i guess i need something unfinished, in progress, rough, something i am getting excited, curious, new, challenging, questioning, being unknown, being not part of it.

the question of living is a bit of a struggle. wanna have everything of it. a bit.

ice cream store, regensburg, june 2012

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