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getting ready, fronleichnahm, Lam, 7th June 2012
fronleichnahm is a christian festival. it is celebrated for jesus taking part at the introduction of the evening meal. so called.

i have no clue. i am christian and some of my bells are ringing but still  not sure what it is really about.

showing off, fronleichnahm, Lam, 7th June 2012
preparation, fronleichnahm, Lam, 7th June 2012
one aspect is definitly people are getting dresses up. in traditional clothes, dirndl and leathertrousers. and have flowers with them.

i can fairly remember it. when i was younger. remember how hot it was and long it took to walk all the way. from  to the priest talking about something, we had to listen.

looking, fronleichnahm, Lam, 7th June 2012
children's time of perception is so different from adults one, so much subjective. if something takes a long time it really takes a loooooonng time. so the service in the cold church with the same routine every single sunday for 5 years. till i stopped going.

the only good thing, the routine and grandmother food afterwards. amazing well cooked baked potatoes ( but bavarian version), with meat and great salad. not sure if it was hungriness or the taste made me fall for it.

flowers, fronleichnahm, Lam, 7th June 2012
tree, fronleichnahm, Lam, 7th June 2012
church and bavaria are big. were big. everybody is katholic, some are protestans, but that is already weared.

when i was 9 i met the first protestans in my familie's hotel. I was shocked. in the hallway, during christmas time i asked them. how it felt to be a protestan?

i can remember i was small, must be. but that's all. they were surprised for sure, maybe they laughed. for me it was a big issue. i could not get it.

water, fronleichnahm, Lam, 7th June 2012

flag, fronleichnahm, Lam, 7th June 2012
guests, fronleichnahm, Lam, 7th June 2012
when i was in class 3 i wanted to become a priest. then i realised that women are not allowed to. during those days not even allowed to help the priest.

i was annoyed, cause becoming none is boring. no own house, no people come and visit you, just one dress and people usually do not invite you for dinner. instead quietness, piece and being married with a guy you have to share with far too many.

altar, fronleichnahm, Lam, 7th June 2012
flowers, fronleichnahm, Lam, 7th June 2012
along with festivals like fronleichnam a lot of attachments come along. being dressed up one of them. others includes so called vereine or community participation, beer afterwards in a pub nearby at 11 am in the morning or sometimes even - according to you preferences and fullfilling moralistic and credibility ideas of the village, already while service is taking place.

the last time i missed church was at a friends wedding. the church was so small and the radler, a mixture of lemonade and beer, far to goo. 10 am. to full fill the stereotype of a german and its drinking habitats.

the other time i missed it was at least 20 years before. i did not go with all my reatives, cousins and sibilings. cause if one would go grandmother would know.

so we hid in the nearby stall of a friend who has horses. all of us. it was fun. for sure. till granny got to know. my grandma was furious. literally. and when she used to get furious we were hidding and trying to survive.

this time or those days- no sunday dinner- for all of us. a huge drama- also considering the interest rate of us after having not food and her amazing food.

fireman car, fronleichnahm, Lam, 7th June 2012
musicians important. music, also important. if i like it? well i always think if it would be comparable to indian volkmusic.

i mean you just like it because it is good music.

no i am choking. this music is for walking. a tradition in gerany or bavaria. think you also have it in other countries- at least i saw it in bangladesh at a wedding- but music far more qwuick and not walkable but dancable.

our music is orientising on the steps you make. drums, trompets mostly no own rythm but taking you forward. i think. so not sure if i need to like it- even.

musicians, fronleichnahm, Lam, 7th June 2012
fireman, fronleichnahm, Lam, 7th June 2012
music, fronleichnahm, Lam, 7th June 2012
going for it, fronleichnahm, Lam, 7th June 2012
i am watching from far ahead. one good thing about the 21st century. time is over of the duty of being present at things like that. 20 years ago, people would look at you weardly, not understanding till thinking something must happen to you, you would go straight to devil. buta ctually it would not happen those days.

you would take part or you better hid yourself or have an amazing excuse.

nowadays even so catholic and all this people know. religion is not the only thing.

fountain, fronleichnahm, Lam, 7th June 2012
water, fronleichnahm, Lam, 7th June 2012
but i like religion. kind of. or some aspects.

the aspect of bringing people together, routine, rules, people do not need to think but kind of do something good because of the forbidden rules.

internationalism, helping, acknowledged as an international help, no financial agenda, but instead of it believe in that.

some people do not like it. i am not sure. people always believe in something if not in that in something else. does it matter than- except from following some fashion aspects?

sign, fronleichnahm, Lam, 7th June 2012
i was quite proud when dad told me. the altar is ours. he said. from our cellar. made for our personal use now overtaken by the village, made up and fancy.

i think personal patrotism.

altar, fronleichnahm, Lam, 7th June 2012

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