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i am back at home...

this is my home. and not.

always when i talk with friends in other parts of the world i talk about my mountain. my forest. but that does not mean i live in the mountain, in the forest.

i probably do, but as i said. not like that. we are just for a hick.

starting off, osser, lam, 31st may 2012
with we i mean my family. my dad, two brothers, mum.

i had the idea, when i came back from india. lets go hicking. i love having ideas. never think if it makes sense, or if i have time.

this time also the others thought it is a god idea. i was ot sure. just slept for two hours when my mum cae into the room and asked what is about hiking. dad is ready.

walking, osser, lam, 31st may 2012
walking2, osser, lam, 31st may 2012
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the last time before that we were hiking as a family was at least 15 years ago. maybe even longer.

strange or even ridiculous or embarassing considering the fact the mountain is our house mountain. next to the village, basically.

we used to go hiking when i was really young. with family and school.

i can remember  i hated it, did not make sense for me. walking, uphill, for ages, not outcome except from being up there and going down again. boring.

i always thought beach and water is much more fancy.

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going along, osser, lam, 31st may 2012
nowadays i love it. i am very proud of it. the fact that nobody knows it, the fact that the village is smaller than one block in koromangal in bangalore or one street in brooklyn. the fact that its people are so withdrawn and anything else than outgoing, not being proud of anything.

i love it. one tv channel made a serie about the different areas in  bavaria. one of the episodes was about us. the people form the baravarian forest, who do not belong to either oberpfalz nor niederbayern. originally assigned to the area around niederbayern, nowadays cut through and pushed to the oberpfalz my area and its people are beloning neither of them but rather being a woidler.

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a woidler is  somebody who does not talk so much, is a bit withdrawn, does not like to much of socialising and is quite understated in a lot of things. they also get a bit offended by people who are too funny. talking too much the main spot. that is the stereotype.

i do not think so. a usual. but yes there is a sens e of truth. in the past the scaredness of the strangers. being in the middle of the forest new people were rare.

nowadays i think the stereotype turned around. i meet far too many people who are far too open for the expected and allowed. but that is something i talk about later.

looking, osser, lam, 31st may 2012

the area is called the bavarian forest. even so it is the longest connected forest in europe people do not know about it. the forest a mixture between different trees. the ground is terrible for growning plants so most of the time people tried to make money with forest and trees.

we have a forest. not sure he much and where.

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karl2, osser, lam, 31st may 2012
karl3, osser, lam, 31st may 2012

i know a bot about trees. what is a good tree and what not. is important. but stil have not been in the forest. apparently i am too small. i am not sure if that is true. my dad is not that much tales than me and worked for the last years alone in between the trees.

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last view, osser, lam, 31st may 2012
the montains divides 2 countries wit each other. czech republics and germany. at the begnning of the 20th century there was a lot of smuggling going on.

my great grandfather was one of the, actually apparently one of the best. he smuggled cows from the czech part to the german part, then back at home and all in dark. and no map. 18 miles.

grandmother says. i am not sure. cannot believe. would not even find the way to the peak of the osser. the mountain we were going to.

uli, osser, lam, 31st may 2012
grosser arber, osser, lam, 31st may 2012
kyrill was the worst hurrican the bavarian forest had for ages.  whole areas were totally distroyed. so the arber.

memory, osser, lam, 31st may 2012

bergwacht, osser, lam, 31st may 2012
two types of people are in the forest. the ones who are visiting, the others who are working or living.

but both do not not like each other. also the worker can become to the tourist. not like in a city where you dismiss the touristy parts just because you live there.

maybe it is about that that is what we have. and there is always a sense of fighting. because of a sense of neglect, in comparision to other areas in germany. so if nobody is proud i will be.

way signs, osser, lam, 31st may 2012
border, osser, lam, 31st may 2012
one more thing about the border. during the 2nd world war it was the border. a lot of police, stasi. o contact allowed to the other side.

even worse during the cold war, afterwards. specifcally on the mountain. were and how do you draw lines? how do you not mix?

way up, osser, lam, 31st may 2012
ossercottage, osser, lam, 31st may 2012
between the osser house is the line. border, czech and germany. the german side had the pub the czech had nothing. but still were thirsty.

solution depending on both sides. no conversation but a sneeky transfer of fresh beer. mostly. food not so important.

i always remember the story around christmas i the 1st world war. during teh day teh two different armees were fighting with each other. in the eve, the christmas eve they stopped everything and celebrated together. next day again fighting.

i guess soemtime si love the idea about priorities.

tab and sink, osser, lam, 31st may 2012
eating inside, osser, lam, 31st may 2012
heater, osser, lam, 31st may 2012
no way in, osser, lam, 31st may 2012
the osserhaus is a place were you can have food, sleep and spend time. you can stay overnight. should be amazing. one of the things i never did.

food, osser, lam, 31st may 2012
but i have to say there are a lot of things i haven't been doing- and actually should do.

drinking white beer or weissbier before 11 am and eating white sausages- anyway not sure if somebody is doing that. maybe beer but white beer?

wearing a drindle as my every day fashion- actually nobody is doing that!

singing so called gstanzl, a bavarian volktype music singing which is actually highly funny and our local humor, with some other guys with soem other bavarian instruments.

schoablattled- the hands against keg and jumo thing

oh and joddled.

outside, osser, lam, 31st may 2012
peak, osser, lam, 31st may 2012
considering all of that i am not entirely sure in ow far i can call myself a real bayer, cause non of the required  'i am a real bayer' i have done. not sure how many boxes other people can tick but honestly i am at the lower end.

but that does not mean i am not a real one. i love my region, but maybe not because of pretentious stereotypes abut bavarian which are actually not making me love an area or appreciate it more.

maybe those white bee and sausages with dirndl and gstanzle do not fit to me. anyway i am a vergetrian.

owner, osser, lam, 31st may 2012

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