Thursday, 21 June 2012


terrace with empty chairs, kirchenwirt, lam, june 2012

it is raining as well in the cornwall. so it cannot be he rain. even so i would love to blaim it for the whole issue.

but blaiming does not work anyway we know since the ugly indinas. touch yourself on your own nose and then we carry on. so it is our fault. and i guess this is true.

today i also had a conversation about that with a customer. I got a bit loud, so loud that he left. i got a bit loud, because had said the villages in our area are getting close to their end. it does not get better. with our toruism , with our economy, we reached the final death. he did not say that but he actually meant this. everything was better earlier times. the usual stuff.

i shouted, because it was not true, but rather a consumption of a lot of aspects, lack of knowledge, determination, missing walk along with zeitgeist and lack of support.

my area is sufferenig form a huge decrease in tourism. less and less people apparently come to our town. i see it when i work as a waitress. pritty slow business. or non existent. except see a lot of people coming for rooms. any difference. not sure.

my parents are moaning. i try to see, compare, conclude. but actually i have no clue. i just know people like to moan and compare with earlier times, whereby the presence always looses.

it is raining since 2 weeks. nobody is on the marktplatz. the marktplatz is the main spot in town, where tourist come, when they come. nobody is there right now. but i also have to say the rain is heavier than in the cornwall.

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