Saturday, 30 June 2012


fotografer, wagner foto studio, furth im wald, june 2012
ok here two things. one: i love agner foto stduio in furth im wald.

they are amazing. this little foto store in a medium size ( for our area) city half an hour away by car is not just amazing, they are my angels.

they not just organise everything for me, have a fast delivery service and a good printing stations, they have an excellent service, have an medium format film processor, which they switch on that when i come they just can start using it, answer all my annoying phone calls, get me impossible things, and above all talk with me about all the important and unimportant things in life even so far too many people are around.

and that for an amazing prize, in a medium sze village, in the bavarian forest. amzing

second: a bit of gossip. today when i went there, handed in my films had to wait i saw this girl. she was 10, pritty, quite tall and her hair reached plated her knees, plated.
she never cut her hair, her mom says. but a lot of work behind. the girl did not mind. i was impressed, and jelouse.

in india and bangladesh long hair used to be a good sign. so far i know. women get proud. question of status. i need to do research.

long hair, fotostudio, futh im wald, june 2012

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