Wednesday, 20 June 2012

a bit of a strawl around towndug2, in the isar

shopwindow, munich, june 9th 2012
when i was living in munich i hardly went there. it was to fancy, to hip i felt weired.

i still do. it is the gaertnervirtel, inhabitat by the so called munich hipsters. fairly wealthy, even more well dressed and with jobs you would lick your fingers. maybe.

i do not like it, cause too much of above and me not having enough from above. simple.

tag, munich, june 9th 2012
seats, munich, june 9th 2012
i used to live in munich 2004 till 2005. then again for a month 2010.

munich is a lovely city, perfect. clean, quiet, nice people, nice places, everything proper, everything piecefull and sweet. lot of touristy stuff, parks, good bicyle riding possibilities, amazing police force who drove me crazy watching people around the university area to drive the wrong direction on their bike or not having lights or other crucial bike equipment.

also lot of friends there, beergarden, pubs, nice coffee, amazing ice cream. perfect it seems.

fench with pictures, munich, 9th june 2012
entrance, munich, 9th june 2012
2004- 2005 i did not like it. i had everything form above but not the right place.

a right place is just as good as it fits to you. those days it did not. as well as 2010.

not mine, maybe too much from above.

isar area, munich, 9th june 2012
dog, isar area, munich, 9th june 2012
bird, isar area, munich, 9th june 2012
duck, in the isar, munich, 9th june 2012
when i used to live there the area around the isar and the frauenhoferstr, used to be dismissed. a bit of water, lot of land and a uge amount of young peopel hanging around. floor was grass and stones. not cared.

this time i saw greenest green with little roads in between. some places to sit, dogs, dogkeeper, babykeeper, couples and we.

watching, along the isar, munich 9th june 2012
my guy. boyfriend since 6 years after 2 years back in munich. with me. going to the kiosk as usual, getting some food, somce icecream. today no augustiner. still need to drive home.

view out, outside isar area form inside, munich, 9th june 2012
traintracks, along the isar, munich, 9th june 2012   

kiosk, outside the isar, munich, 9th june 2012

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