Friday, 8 June 2012

not so much to say

cupboard, my room, lam, 5th june 2012
as i said not that much to say. just come clothes moths and actually not surprising considering the fact how much time i and my clothes spend at home. and how many of them, since how long.

i like collecting clothes. think they inherit some trace of time, space and memory. so most of the clothes i actually do not have because of wearing purpose.

there is one jumper, it is from my dad, to small, scottish criss cross pattern, very hard material. collar also very unusual.

i hardly wear it, because of shape, texture.

but it smells still of my dad, you can see dirt, stains, will never leave inhabitat from his far too many times taking it along to the forest while cutting trees. the smell of my dd, hard, rusty, very mainly but without any parfume. hate it in his other clothes but not in his jumpers.

every single time i try to sort it out and store it somewhere else. my cupboard is full. not getting better.

for my anti moths time i had to wash all my clothes, and dry and wash and iron it. because otherwise they would not fit in my cupboard.

the jumper is still in there. this time i ave up. who says anyway clothes are just for wearing purpose.


justanothersomebody said...

i love this post. clothes can be art, memories, expressions. i love the ones where i met a man i love for the first time.. :)

justanothersomebody said...

oh evi. it's aarti from india. :)