Wednesday, 20 June 2012

a question of priorities

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schlecker announces insolvence. that's it. about 13 000 people who are loosing there work.

schlecker is a drug store.. shampoo, toiletpaper, baby food, chocolate and sometimes even fast food can be found here. it is a chanin and overrolled germany in the 90s.

i can remember when it came to germany. at the end of the 90s. suddenly we had a huge amount of different shampoos. and also developing of the film was cheap. 

now it does not have enough money to pay back its money to people they own them.

just because the owner does not know how to lead a company. because the economy is bad and everybody is shopping online. maybe. maybe just a stereotype. not sure. but they are loosing their job, because of something.

how do those woman feel, working there for ages and then having no chance to do anything against it, all demonstrations seems no worth all of it. instead of it they cannot even blame themselves cause did they do anything wrong?

one idea of the gouvernment was to take some out of them and reeducate them to support workers.

the support workers and parents were a bit annoyed, understandable, considering the fact the support workers have to pass a 4 years training and the parents have to have trust in peoples ability.

but those peopel were supported, at least, by the gouvernent, to refind themselves. somewhere else.

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another aspect of the insolvence of schlecker was: 30 Percent discount on everything.

and you must know. schlecker has a lot of pricie stuff. for me at least.

my grannie was amazed as well. she gave me a long list of things: candle for the funeral place as much as possible, shampoo, shower gel, paper, coffee, tea, creme.. basically everything you could need in some points. i thought she is crazy. cause anyway schlecker, after 30 percent off, is still to expencive. secondly.. do you not have any respect for the woman who lost their job?

anyways for granny i would do everything so up into the tiny ( they always used to be tiny those schlecker stores) store which was full off people, trying to find grannies candles and realising everything was sold out. too late.

at the beginning i was fats wanted to get out as quick as possible of that store, but than i slowed down. 30 percent damn, the ck obsession parfume 20 euros instead of 30. Could need it in some points..

p.s. up till now over 30 percent of the woman have already another job. thats good for them, but what does the rest of them do now.

schlecker, the owner already knows it. apparently he still has 40 million left. says news.

shelf rest, schlecker, lam, june 2012

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