Wednesday, 6 June 2012

a stop in between

airport, cair international, cairo, 28th may 2012
i am arriving. in cairo. 22 hours on the airport. i thought. but no. checking in, handing in passport and waiitng . a lot, but then taxi, hotel. 18 hours now being in cairo.

hotel room, cairo, 28th may 2012
dining room, cairo, 28th may 2012
vegetarian meal, cairo, 28th may 2012
entrance, cairo, 28th may 2012
the hotel is nice. everybody gets a room. i get a double room. with beautiful view. quite cold. fritch with bar, smoking room, tv with world wide selcetion of tv programs.

3 times food, health center and a not finsihed swimming pool.

a old man is offereing a taxi service. for 20 dolars per person around cairo.

what do u wanna see we will do.

view, cairo, 28th may 2012
view2, cairo, 28th may 2012
on the road, cairo, 28th may 2012
view from the road, cairo, 28th may 2012
not th best idea to go between 5 and 8 out of town. not a good idea cause u are everything else but not alone. the traffic is slow. the driver talks. a lot. always turns arpund his head when he talks with us on the back seats. i just pray. not sure if if he has eyes on his backhead.

there are two people with me. both between 20 and 30, both vegetarian. except that, we could not be more different. he is french, indian lover and spiritual, she is memory scientist doing research in germany.

nile, cairo, 28th may 2012

both i got to know already before. first the guy in mumbai. thought one of those ones. spoiled, layed back kids who do not know what to do with their life and trying to rebel in finding themselves. saw him at the airport, walking around, ignrosing his surrounding. talked to him later, share finally the taxi, not out of purpose.

the girl was from pune, young woman, talkative, open, interested. i never met a foriegner studying in germany, or not for a long time. she was in bonn. bonn is a boring city. not taht much to say about it.
 former capital, nowdays medium sized city. but cannot say anything , never been there.

wall, cairo, 28th may 2012
view2, cairo, 28th may 2012
we have fun, we have a god amount to talk in the car. about life, brain, spirtuality and the misguidanec and guidance of it. we take images, drive more, and talk more.

next town were the pyramides. the girl's wish. maybe is one as well. not mine. i do not care. just wanna see as much as possible and get my images.

stall, around the oyramids, cairo, 28th may 2012
i do not believe so much in real tourism. sometimes the postcard are so much better than reality.

entrance, cairo, 28th may 2012
hallway, cairo, 28th may 2012
airconditioning, cairo, 28th may 2012
the guy syas, do not talk to anybody. do not be talk to any body,a nd did i tell you do not talk to anybody.

coming with me,cairo, 28th may 2012
the pyramids, say are small.
yes they are small
can u see them?
yes, look they are so small.
yes that is small
oh and the sphynix

not sure, behind the house
yes oh dear she is small
yes she is small/.

the pyramids, cairo, 28th may 2012
one day somebody wanted to get on top of the pyramids. it is easy to get up. to get up. so he did. when he got on the top he was so scared and could not get back. he stayed there from 5 in teh eve till next day 9 am, till the hellicopter picked him up.

waiting, cairo, 28th may 2012
i love my cairo. i love the pyramids. they are so old, and still exist. 5000 years. and still here. nobody knwo why they are build how they build. i think. of course i am proud.

for the tourists, cairo, 28th may 2012
the tourist guide, talks, talks, and dirves. pyramids where fun and good to see. he was fun.

next station museum for papyrus. i expected big museum, old, classical architecture. beautiful. great scenery.

he place we ended up was kind of like hat. a little shop, a little museum, tea, conversation and please buy something. maybe 2 papyurus reading marker. one for 5 dollar, maybe 2, maybe 3?

money, cairo, 28th may 2012
third station: a market. what do u think when u think of a market?
i thought of little stalls, lot of people, talking, loud, screaming.

the tourist guide brought us to a tourist shop for parfume. in a local area. where evererything is save. we went inside, got tea offered, then information, the parfume to buy.

ceiling, cairo, 28th may 2012
i never would do that. the last thing i would do is taking money from people, getting them on a tour and then bringing them to places with more money spending.

not sure if this is a tradition in cairo, or desperation among people who wanna earn money, but it annoyed me. i buy when i wanna buy, but not when you tell me. when you tell me i do not buy something. one thing,

plus a market is a market is a market.

plus you do not make fun of me when i am alone in the middle of cairo waiting for the taxi which is not coming but instead of that say sorry.

at the end of our trip he repeats his sentence: if i am nice to you you are nice to me. smile.

he looks at me. i am the only one with oney. the french guy has none. the indian one has just euros,

i look at him " no i think not"

his smile is freezing. '- really

yes really. today i am not a nice one.

final call, cairo, 28th may 2012

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