Saturday, 30 June 2012

vereinsausflug- community outing weekend

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first of all you have to explain a lot. such as community clubs. a group of people are founding a club to do something together in a group on a regular basis which is so well organised that you need somebody at least for finance, a head of the whole this and a speaker. i think. why money i actualldo not know.

the good thing about those clubs, you do not need to pay taxes if you have a celebration in public and also earn some money with that. not important for the story but just spoil my knowledge.

community clubs are important.

ans then outing days. outing days are days where you leave your home and visit more or less a strange area, plus paying money that both of it leads to fund.

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this weekend we needed to provide that for those people. a group of fireman, volunteer fireman plus friends and family, for a weekend in the bavarian forest to have fun.

fun is eating, looking, a bit of walking, chatting, eating more.

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last time and probably one of the only times in my life i had it when i was in bangladesh with drik on our weekend at cox's basar. collegues and me in two buses 12 hours on stony jumpy street towards the beach. playing football and sea and water. and above all food. we even got a prelist of food which we would have there.

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one of the first times i went on a trip was with the table tennis club. by the way and you need to know: my dad is table tennis president. not that it is important but i was always very proud of it. in a village of 3500 people.

anyways me on a trip with other kids. two memories. one of unconscious and to late recognised stealing of two magazines ( which were really fancy, liked their layout) from a church and one of intended rumbling around the big mountain, getting lost with my parents and friends and ending up on top of the mountain. and being tired.

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nowadays this activity seems to be old fashion. going away with a big group of people i might like and not and spend my hard earned freetime with not the best selection seems to be out of fashion. community clubs in the first place are not anymore so fashionable. meeting up in groups and call it 'vereine' is anyway superuncool. i understand and not. i like the idea of vereine, meeting up with people from different background and doing something together, being forced meeting up on a regular basis and acting instead of thinking. awesome. but just my second person would take part. me do not have time.

the people stayed for two nights. first evening 4 different kind of meat, dumbling and salat buffet. second free choice. they had music, they danced. had fun, got to know each other better, hopefully, did something together and acted instead of talking, maybe not just.

i was a bit jelouse. as a self employed person you can just get to know yourself. on holiday alone and no pair dance anyways.

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