Thursday, 21 June 2012


plate, kirchenwirt, lam, 10th june 2012

it was a rolldumbling with wild mushrooms in cream sosse. i love it. so i order it.

i actually have it almost every day. no because i love it. it is just the easiest and quickest and most vegetarian it can get in my house.

in my house, better say my parents place, the restaurant with rooms attached, it is all about meat. pig, beef, chicken, but mostly pig. in all kind of variations. schnitzle, in a pan, baked, no baked, cooked, leg, shoulder, neck, belly. whatever you wish. with cheese overbaked, some tomatos, some asparageous.

similar like a pizza.

our menue has about 8 oages of dishes. i think we have about 5 vegetarian.  when i was younger we had sometimes food from the nearby pretentious italian restaurant. pretentious because it was own by a guy who could not be more bavarian.

we ordered food, me pasta alabriata. or so.. spicy, nice thick pasta. i asked- witout meat? he said- without meat. later the food arrived and after having teh first lok discovered the first little ham bits. thats not meat he says after phoning him.

i love my mushroom creamy sosse. i am sure there must be some meatsosse hidden. i try not to think while i am eating it. it never would make sense. for my father, my mum. not even talking about my granny.

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