Friday, 22 June 2012

public viewing

restaurant, regensburg, june 2012
i know i talk a lot about regensburg. just one thing more.

it is european football championship time. one aspect which is very typical is public viewing. a huge thing literally.

thousands of people are gathering mostly on a main spot in a city, bring food, drinks and seatings ( depending on the amount of space) with them and watch in a collective something on the screen. in germany to get people moving into public, away form their most comfortable space in a less likely comfortable space is football. most of the man cities and football addicted cities have a public viewing. it is great. people shouting, celebrating or suffering together, the daily income of local shops and pubs are very much likely to increase and the tv and news channels love filling up their spare time with pictures from them.

in regensburg it is not allowed. why? says sister at least does not know. she assumes. because regensburg needs a bit longer.

i cannot believe. and see all the gossip is not true...

here the hot spots.. just in case your a regensburger, close there or wanna go there :)

Haus Heuport, Domplatz 7

STRAND: BAD, Wöhrdstraße 33

the THAI, Rote-Hahnen-Gasse/Haidplatz 3

Super Bowl, Im Gewerbepark D 44

Gwäxhaus Blumen Trede, Furtmayrstraße 5
Donau Arena, Walhalla Allee 22

tv screen, restaurant, regensburg, june 2012

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