Wednesday, 20 June 2012

the pain of time

volleyball, seepark, arrach, germany, june 2012

i thought it would be a fantastic idea. cause we ahve not done it for ages. we used to it for ages. and i was good in it. i think at least.

we wanted to play volleyball, in teh nearby park, with a beachvolleyball place, and a lake. awesome.

with we i mean  me and my friends, school friends, still friends even so we are not anymore sharing school.

when we were still in school we played all our youth. not that often but fairly often for a group between 5 and 10. earlier times we were mostly girls for the legendary triathlon, practices, then later with the lengendary but not so legendary guys together.

that was fun. cause actually it helped that they actually could pass the ball and got it over the net.

after that we used to hang around, chat, sometimes meet up in the beergarden. was relaxed, just for fun, no pressure of being funny, cause we did anyway something which was fun. no dressing up, no peerpressure as such.


today we were three. two guys and me. we played a bit in the sand. my hands were hurting, partly because of my wound on my left hand which made it impossible to get the ball and hit it with my underarms, partly because volleyball was cruel. simple as that.

we played for a bit, than played the game "kirschen gegessen'ate cherries" i lost, ate too much cherries, drank too much water and then got sick and died. symbolic wise of course.

times are different but still the same...

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