Wednesday, 20 June 2012


exit, petrol station, arrach, june 2012
f.. it is expencive... and how..

almost 2 euros.. i think i missed 1 year of driving. no clue where i lived in between.

when i started to drive it just hid the 1 euro mark, people started to complain. i did, but i still drove.

10 years later it is the double and it makes me think. it is actually affecting me. never thought so.

guess a perfect way of bringing people to think. wonder what is important and what not. even so they do not believe in nature and presevation of it they believe in their wishes and dreams.

in the next weeks i actually start to think. stop driving to quick or at least feeling guilty about it, driving not too often. not bad i think.

still exit, petrol station, arrach, june 2012

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